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Stories focus on emotions, the main driver of behaviour. This makes that stories a powerful tool for behavioural change, provided we do not wait until the end of the story before reflecting on it. A Very Tale is developed together, offers a new perspective and encourages action. 


"Whoever wants to go faster, goes alone. Whoever wants to go further, goes together."

We believe in CoCreation. This means that you work consistently and transparently together with the end-users in every phase of the project towards a value-led story.  

As a result, you create support from the start with a large group anchored in intrinsic motivation. 


"If adults only asked some more useful questions, we might give better answers,"

We see the child and believe that their perspective is enlightening and innovative. They look at the world with different eyes and therefore come up with different solutions. Solutions that could make a difference for their future if we listened.


In addition, children are experts in StoryDoing. They live their values, which makes them a big source of inspiration.


"I wish we had the subject of future in school instead of history."

You are who you are and with that your story already exists - both for individuals and organizations. But how do you want to look back on the chapters you are writing now?

  1. The first step is awareness of what is there: what is the common thread of the past?

  2. The second step is StoryTelling: what do you want to tell about this story and how?

  3. The third step is StoryDoing: spreading your story through the choices you make and the actions you take.


The last step is crucial for behavioural change. It is forward-looking and innovation sits at the centre.

"I am a child of books. I come from a world of stories. Upon my imagination, I float. Some people have forgotten where I live, but along these words, I can show you the way. For this is our world we've made from stories. Our house is a home of invention, where anyone at all can come for imagination is free."

Jeffers Winston