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Stories that initiate change. A serious message, yet easy to digest. A powerful source of inspiration to influence behaviour, so we can make the transition to a sustainable world together.

You might feel the potential of a great story, but are struggling to connect the dots or to formulate a clear message. Or maybe you are looking for an inspirational format to convey the story. Then you've come to the right place. 

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Clear story

Maybe you see it already, maybe not yet. All the pieces of the puzzle are floating around in your head and you can't see how they fit. What do I want to tell whom and why do I want to do that? But also, how does the other feel about that? What are they doing now, what do you want them to do and what steps do we need to take to change that behaviour?

The outcome of this step is clarity. The sky clears and all the pieces fall into place. After that, there is room for value-driven change to increase positive impact.

Very Tale Personal Children's Book
Very Tale Biography Children's Book
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Inspirational format

The outcome of this step is a story more than words, which comes to life. How you do that differs per story.


There are a myriad of possibilities. The speciality of Very Tales is children's books: the wisdom in simplicity, the magic of imagination and beautiful illustrations. Depending on the target group and age, the language is adopted. This way, you get a children's book for children or for adults inspired by children.