Very Tales works together with various illustrators, each with their own style, story and budget. These passionate and talented illustrators ensure that every story becomes magical in a style that suits you. Below is an introduction to who they are, the work they do, and the illustrations they've created for Very Tales.  ​


Natalia Nazarian

Natalia lives with her husband, son and daughter in Toronto, Canada. She is a former architect who rediscovered her love for children’s book illustrations while reading books to her daughter. She decided to give illustration another chance. When she did, she realised that she loves telling stories and inventing new worlds. She prefers traditional materials such as watercolours and pencils because of the feeling you get when you create something with your hands. Her inspiration and motivation are her children, who have taught her to be patient and never give up.

In addition to being the illustrator of the corporate identity of Very Tales, Natalia has also illustrated the very first book.


Linde Faas

Linde is a Dutch illustrator, animator and artist who now lives and works in Norway. 350 kilometres above the Arctic Circle to be precise. The wild, untamed nature of the Arctic is an immense source of inspiration. She likes to go out into nature to observe the silent world around her and can sit for hours next to a fire with her sketchbook drawing everything she experiences. In her work, Linde likes to focus on the small details that are often overlooked in real life. She likes to experiment with different materials and combines all kinds of techniques in her work.

Linde has won countless prizes for her colourful and narrative illustrations. She has illustrated the children's books 'Gozert', 'De kikkerbilletjes van de koning', 'De jongen en de walvis', and 'Kom met me mee'.


Amy Lane

Amy is an English illustrator based in Kingston-Upon Thames. She graduated in Illustration from the University of Creative Arts and prefers to draw animals and people. She specialises in portraits, narrative illustrations and children's books. She has illustrated 'The boy and the boat' and her illustrations can also be seen in 'The Little Trailblazers'.


Alishea Gibson

Alishea is an American illustrator based in California. She prefers to drink coffee all day while drawing cartoons. Alishea illustrates films and stories for Disney, Netflix, Titmouse and Alcon, among others.


Rixt-Marieke, Getekenddoorzusje

Rixt-Marieke is a sister who likes to draw. She lives with her boyfriend in Leeuwarden, and together they run Getekenddoorzusje. If she doesn't illustrate, you'll find her as a primary school teacher. She wants to make people happy with her illustrations. She loves authentic pencil drawings, detail and elements from nature. Despite the fact that she has started to draw more digitally, she thinks it is important to retain the feeling of a pencil or coloured pencils.