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Future Council

Sustainable development why, inclusion how and
advice & research
what are central within the Future Council. Typical questions others approach me for are:

Very Tales Verhaal Kinderboek Aquarel.png

'How can we bring our societal message to the attention of the younger generations?'


As an organization, you want to make a positive impact on society and future generations. What you stand for and what you want to achieve need more attention. How do you do that? My answer is always: ask and involve them. And I can help you with that.

An example case is the work for Onder het Maaiveld. Read more about it here.

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'How can we make our society future

​ ​

Authorities see enough challenges and have too little time. To prioritize the long-term perspective, we invite the future to the table — literally. Children and teenagers are given a structural place at the board table in the form of a Children's Mayor or Children's Council. What are their priorities and what solutions do they see? I can help with setting up and facilitating such conversations.

Very Tale Write Children's Book

'We have a challenge and I am curious about the children's perspective on it.'

In the workplace, the question is increasingly being raised: 'What are we actually doing?' Themes and concepts are discussed and given new meaning. Think of concepts like value, inclusivity, and collaboration. Who better to explore this than children! Our little philosophers who view the world blissfully simple from the heart and can guide us towards what matters in life. Here I can help set up, guide, and present the research and the findings.  

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