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Imagination why, co-creation how and realisation what are central in our publishing house. Typical questions that we often get are:

'What's my story? I want to be proud of my story, but sometimes I can't see the wood for the trees.' 

I firmly believe that you don't have to be Obama to have a good story. Everyone has a beautiful story, but it can sometimes be difficult to see for yourself. Because when you're in your own jar, it's hard to read the label. I can help you inspire the present with the past, to set a new course for the future. 

'I have a valuable story that needs to be told. In what form should I do that so that I can best reach my target group?'

​ ​

A book is not always the best option. That has everything to do with who your target audience is and how you can reach them. My view is always to make it together with the target group. Then the form follows naturally. I can help you with the guidance of this process.

'I have a vague idea for a good book
- what now?'

I often get this question from both organizations and individuals, both for their own story and a societal story, which deserves more attention. I can help transform an idea into concrete content for a book. I can also guide the process from content to the actual book. Either with advice or guidance on how to self-publish, in collaboration with Very Tales, or with connections in the publishing world. 

Very Tale Personal Children's Book


At Very Tales, we do all kinds of different types and projects. From societal to personal, from book to podcast. Check out completed and current example projects here.

Very Tale Biography Children's Book

Products & Services

Purchase one of the public Very Tales, a set of greeting cards, or reserve an hour to talk about your story. 

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Discover the magic and craftsmanship of the various illustrators that Very Tales works with. 

"I am a child of books. I come from a world of stories. Upon my imagination, I float. Some people have forgotten where I live, but along these words, I can show you the way. For this is our world we've made from stories. Our house is a home of invention, where anyone at all can come for imagination is free."

Jeffers Winston

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