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A brave little rabbit 🐰 named Covejita

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

May this life story of a brave expat-woman inspire you to pursue your dreams.


Once upon a time in a forest🌲 far far away, there used to live a little rabbit named Covejita.

The little rabbit loved to dream and had a strong desire to discover the world 🌎, but she was born into a very protective family of rabbits. Her family would always tell her not to go outside of the burrow because it was too dangerous ⚠️

One day, when her family was busy discussing how to find food, Covejita decided to go outside. ‘I am not afraid 💪🏽’, she thought, ‘I need to know what it out there’.

When she stepped outside the burrow, she discovered that all this time they were living in a beautiful forest. The forest was full of fruits, nuts and other rabbits and animals that were all very kind.

She figured that there was not a reason to be scared. So, she went back inside her burrow and convinced her family to go outside and explore with her. At first, they were a bit hesitant, but since that day, they would explore more of the beautiful world together 🤗

Illustration forest animals


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