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  • Nicky

Are you afraid or curious 🤔 about the unknown?

For a year now I have had the privilege of writing stories 📝 for and about NewBees NL, where half of my colleagues are newcomers (refugees). A walking source of motivation, talent, and inspiration💡 Unfortunately, they also know better than anyone what it is like to feel (the sometimes subtle) resistance when you walk into a room. But they also know how to deal with it like no other 💪🏽:

When my colleague Shatha Tamim goes to a meeting in her neighborhood, she takes a big black garbage bag with her ⚫️ When it's her turn to introduce herself, she places the bag in the middle of the group. "I wouldn't look into this bag if I were you. It's a very dangerous bag." Those present react with restraint 😐 After a while, someone stands up and is curious about what's in it. What seems? The bag is filled with flowers, a large teddy bear, and a small card with the words: 'Thank you, Netherlands.' "If you're open to getting to know me, and the many newcomers in this country, then... this what I can give.” Illustration by the talented Linde Faas. #storytelling #story #verhaal #vluchtelingen #nieuwkomers #integratie #inspiratie


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