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Be more willow 🧘🏼‍♀️

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

After writing the personal Tale 📝 of Sally-Anne Airey and transforming the website of, we ended the process by illustrating an experience on the mountain 🏔 that epitomises the core of her, her organization and her offering:


Watercolour mountain

It’s late winter and as we walk through the mountains with our guide, he pauses ⏸ and points out a willow tree.

All around us is evidence of avalanche damage. Several other trees 🌲 are uprooted, and yet this willow tree is still standing.

The weight of the snow ❄️ may have bent its trunk right over, but it’s now stable and upright again, its roots firmly grounded and its trunk bending and flexing in the breeze.

For a few minutes, we watch its branches gently swaying.

That evening we gather to reflect on the day’s events. One of our group offers us a new mantra:

‘Be more willow’

Whatever life throws at us, she says, if we adopt a grounded, stable, yet adaptable posture, we can regain our balance and come back to our calm centre – just like a willow tree 💪🏼

Watercolour willow

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