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  • Nicky

"Diversity is being invited to the party, inclusion is being asked to dance"

At NewBees NL I have seen with my own eyes the beauty of inclusivity and equality. These concepts have acquired a completely new meaning. And ever since then I've wanted nothing more than co-creation. Yesterday it was finally time: the long-awaited party in which their 5+1 anniversary was celebrated. Dabke could not be missed of course! A first for me, but certainly not the last 💃🏼

For the occasion, I helped develop the magazine. One year old now and just as inspiring with stories about inclusivity in the workplace. A nice follow-up to the alternative annual report that I developed the year before, in which we applied a new strategic communication concept to tell about their activities in an inspiring and accessible way. The 4 M's: Measure, Match, Matter, Measure. Read about it here.

What a beautiful organisation and what beautiful people. Thank you for the wonderful time, lessons and insights. You inspire me to this day 🙏🏼


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