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Imposter vs. Pippi Langkous? Time will tell 😰

There we were. Dancing in the rain ☔️ Given the size of our family, it wasn't surprising that we hadn't spoken in years. And yet there was that message via LinkedIn. A meeting that followed. A careful intention, an uncertain idea, and yet a feeling that it is right. It all started with a poem 📝 written by Maurien Kreté. A poem written from the heart, addressed to her child. What do grown-ups wish for their children? What are our real, pure wishes – so when all the layers are gone? When I read it, I LOVED it. And not just me. A careful sampling shows that this poem touches others. It's beautiful, pure, not too floaty or poetic, and straight from the heart ❤️

“But…” I then asked, “what would kids like to tell grown-ups?” *I saw a twinkle across the table* “Let's ask them!” 🤩 And so the idea arose to make a two-sided picture book. A book from the heart, which you can open from two sides: from the large and the small people side. Made in co-creation with children 🏆 A book for which we will launch a crowdfunding sometime in the autumn. We are happy to take you on the journey there. So grab your popcorn 🍿 and be surprised by:

- The avoidable mistakes we made anyway, but we learned a lot from 🙃 - The valuable and unexpected insights children gave us 💡 - The do's ✅ & don'ts ⛔️ in crowdfunding and self-publishing a commercial book - The cliffhanger: will you be able to finance the book or not?😱

Stay tuned!

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