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  • Nicky

Learn, but don't make mistakes 😳

Learn. Preferably every day, all day long. But learning equals making mistakes. And mistakes... I'd rather not make them. Intently, pencil in hand, I stare at a large white piece of paper. I want to start, but then it has to be something beautiful right away. I can't yet. And so the paper remains white... 👀 Why don't we dare to make mistakes? Something to do with shame maybe? Shame makes everyone obey the rules of society. If you break a rule, you will be sentenced ❌ This way we can exclude dishonest, unreliable people. Basically quite useful. But you can only feel shame if the other person actually disapproves of your behavior. So you have to DO it first. And that immediately turns out to be the best remedy. Because when you do it, it often turns out that others don't care at all what you do or don't do, and sometimes they like it too 👏🏼

So I present to you: the imperfect cartoon version of myself. My assistant who will help me visualize my posts in the near future. And with this disclosure, I have experienced the counterpart of shame: pride. Cause I just did it. Embrace mistakes. It is, after all, evidence of growth.


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